I am 5’4” and 200lbs - OKAY - 195lbs. But i hope to hit 210lbs, most people would suggest I lay on my fat ass and eat donuts - but I don’t have much time for that. With anywhere from 2-5 hours of strenuous sports practice daily in addition to 2 gym dates a week and walking myself all over campus from class to class I don’t have much time for thigh-fattening and stomach bulging.

Here’s the thing. I’ve been having doctors tell me to lose weight my whole life pretty much. And when they tell me, they show me this cute little chart with pink lines and shading - well I fall right above that pink line in the pool of shading beneath the term OBESE.


After years of health classes, and 3 years of biological study - not to mention 20+ years of living with my body I’ve come to find - NOT A GODDAMN THING.

Fight the BMI, realize it for what it is a Bullshit Magnifiying Index, composed of national averages that don’t apply widely to the high variance of a person’s possible muscle mass, bone density, and the acceptable amount of fat that person can carry and remain healthy.

I work hard, I love to be outside, and to compete in my sport, and I won’t ever let the term OBESE keep me from loving my body while I am physically able to: climb mountains, run a mile, do pushups . ..  etc. Even if I never hit 210 I love every curve.

So everybody please - strive to know your own body, and don’t compare yourself to a watered down national average or a pin up poster child. Eat healthy, drink healthy, and put some extra verbs in your life.

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